Misconceptions of Mexican Teachers in The Solution of Simple Pendulum

  • Luis Antonio García Trujillo Matemáticas de la Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila
  • Mario H. Ramírez Díaz
  • Mario Rodríguez Castillo


Solving the position of a simple pendulum at any time is apparently one of the most simple and basic problems to solve -in high school and college physics courses. However, because of this apparent simplicity, teachers and physics texts often assume that the solution is immediate -without pausing to reflect on the problem formulation or verifying that the solution obtained is indeed correct. This process causes conceptual errors to be carried out with them -students and even worse teachers. This paper presents some of the misconceptions found in teachers solving simple pendulum problems, moreover it presents proposals made in the texts, which generate the creation of such misconceptions in both teachers and students, and finally, it presents the proposal of a solution to correct this problem.


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