Pre-service physics teacher STSE education: Learning through Conversations between Brazilian and Canadian scholars

  • Katarin Alinta MacLeod, Dr. St. Francis Xavier University
  • Silmara Alessi Guebur Roehrig, Dr.


Science, technology, society, and environment (STSE) education is a focus of the public education system of both Canada and Brazil and therefore should translate into the teaching and learning that occurs within their respective Bachelor of Education programs when addressing Science education, and specifically the connections between STSE and Physics Education within the curriculums of both countries. This research is based on the experiences that took place during a 20-day scholarly visit to St. Francis Xavier University with Dr. B by Dr. A, a Physic Education scholar from Brazil. Using the technique of comparative study, the authors agreed upon three areas of comparison to be considered: the performance of teacher educators, the curriculum structure of the B.Ed. programs, and university–school interaction. Each of these three areas drew attention and are discussed within. This work points to possibilities for strengthening the insertion of STSE pre-service education with the aim to exchange best practices. As this collaboration evolves, this work is expected to expand with discussions leading to both breadth and depth of improvements within course offerings, overall education of pre-service and in-service physics teachers, and faculty who enact the premises of STSE physics education in their daily practice and profession.

Author Biography

Silmara Alessi Guebur Roehrig, Dr.
1 Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (UTFPR) Departamento Acadêmico de Física Av. Sete de Setembro, 3165 - Centro - Curitiba/PR


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