Trillion Theory

A New Cosmic Theory

  • Ed Richard Lukowich Past Science Teacher


Abstract (Trillion Theory by founder Ed Lukowich)
Trillion Theory (TT), a new theory, estimates the cosmic origin at one trillion years. This calculation of thousands of eons is based upon a growth factor where solar systems age-out at a max of 15 billion years, only to recycle into even larger solar systems, inside of ancient galaxies that are as old as 200 billion to 900 billion years.
TT finds a Black Hole inside of each sphere (planet, moon, sun). Black Holes built and recycled solar systems inside humongous galaxies over a trillion cosmic years.
5 possible future proofs for Trillion Theory.
• Proof 1: Finding a Black Hole inside of a sphere. This cloaked Black Hole gives its sphere axial spin and gravity.
• Proof 2: Black Hole survives the Supernova of its Sun. Discovery shows resultant Black Hole after a Supernova was always inside of its exploding Sun.
• Proof 3: Discovery of a Black Hole graveyard. Where all the Black Holes that occupied the spheres of a solar system are found naked, fighting for new light after the Sun’s Supernova destroyed their system.
• Proof 4: Discover that Supermassive Black Holes, at galaxy hubs, have evolved to be hundreds of billions of years old.
• Proof 5: Emulate, inside of a laboratory, the actions of a Black Hole spinning light into matter. This discovery shows how Black Holes capture and spin light to build spheres.

Author Biography

Ed Richard Lukowich, Past Science Teacher
Ed Lukowich: I am a Canadian cosmology theorist (a former science teacher). My new Trillion Theory proposes that the age of our universe is a trillion years since its origin. This new Trillion Theory (TT) also heightens and vastly accentuates the role played by Black Holes in the construction and the day-to-day operations of our cosmos. TT displays how our cosmos began small a trillion years ago and how Black Holes have fostered its continual growth in size, and numbers of galaxies, and numbers of solar systems in each galaxy over the eons of time.


Ed Lukowich is the sole founder and author of this new universe theory.
Trillion Theory was developed solely by the author Ed Lukowich. His radically proclaimed Trillion Theories are not based upon any other person’s theories. No other person may claim to be the originator, founder, or author of these new Trillion Theories.
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